Pool Fencing


Buy Vinyl Pool Fencing from Vinyl Craft

Vinyl Craft makes it as effortless as possible to buy vinyl pool fencing. If you are a homeowner with a pool on your property, or a homeowners association in charge of a community pool, you must have a fence that surrounds the entire area.[1] The primary reason for this is safety, as the last thing you want is for small children to accidentally access the pool and face unintended harm. Additionally, many homeowners’ insurance companies now require pool fencing due to liability issues.

Many Quality Pool Fencing Options Available

Our company offers the most innovative and trusted vinyl pool fencing products in the industry at very competitive prices. All Vinyl Craft fences look great, and are incredibly reliable over time, helping to ensure maximum security and safety. When you buy vinyl pool fencing from us, you have many alluring style and color options to pick from. If you’d like a secure pool fence with substantial decorative appeal, take a look at our vinyl picket fencing. Besides classic white, these products are also available in beautiful tan and khaki variations. If you’d prefer that neighbors have little or no ability to look in on your pool area, semi-privacy or solid privacy fences would be better options. As with the picket fences, these privacy fences come in multiple appealing colors including multi-grain profiles for solid privacy.

In addition to our fencing, we also have very secure vinyl gates and dependable gate hardware to help ensure pool area safety. If you’re interested in lighting up your pool for a night swim, consider our solar post caps. Also, please take a look at the other post caps and brackets we have available on our fence accessories page.

Vinyl Craft Pool Fencing is the Superior Choice

Where pool fencing is concerned, vinyl is ultimately a far better option than wood or iron. If not properly taken care of, wood fencing will tend to chip, split, warp, or otherwise decay. With the abundant moisture coming from the pool, the wood can quickly rot if it isn’t carefully sealed. Pool moisture is also incredibly problematic for iron fencing, as that material is prone to developing rust without diligent maintenance. Vinyl on the other hand is a strong, long-lasting material that requires very little upkeep. Your Vinyl Craft pool fencing won’t easily crack or deteriorate, and any dirt buildup and the like can simply be sprayed off with water. All Vinyl Craft fences are made in the USA and come with a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Vinyl Pool Fence Expertise and Ideal Customer Service

Rest assured that when you buy pool fencing or any other vinyl products from Vinyl Craft, you’re getting outstanding quality and value as well as unequaled customer service. The employees at Vinyl Craft are experts in pool fencing and are always happy to discuss all of your questions and concerns. We are also fully aware of, and comply with, all current required safety standards for pool fencing. Unlike typical retail stores, Vinyl Craft is proficient in customizing vinyl materials. As such, we are capable of easily customizing your fencing so that it perfectly matches all specifications. Additionally, if you’re not planning on putting in the pool fence yourself, we would be glad to recommend a highly-qualified installer.

For more information about vinyl pool fencing or other products we offer, please call (888) 828-4695 or visit our location at 845 Ventura Blvd., Oxnard, CA 93036. Our staff is available weekdays from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.


[1] Swimming pool codes can vary from city to city. Please check the specific pool fencing guidelines in your jurisdiction, or call us and we'd be happy to provide assistance determining your specific requirements.