Vinyl Decking - Forest™ Series

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Lifetime warranty on deck material only.*

The Endeck Forest™ Series of vinyl decking offers exceptional beauty and unparalleled toughness at a competitive price. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to build your own deck or a contractor working on a job for a customer, you won’t find this type of high quality vinyl deck product anywhere else.

Overall, vinyl decking is a much better option than wood decking or the composite decking found at Trex. Both wood and composite are not nearly as structurally sound as vinyl, meaning that they can sag, bend, and deteriorate over time. Additionally, neither wood nor composite are recyclable and can be impacted by mold if not cleaned diligently. Unlike composite decking from Trex, Endeck does not feature organic fillers and won't retain water. Please click here to take a look at the comparison chart.

Our vinyl decking has an unquestionable allure that grabs the attention of all who see it. Available in five spectacular dark colors (Chestnut, Sequoia, Cedar, Slate and Sable), the Forest™ Series elegantly matches and augments the property around it. With its bold appearance, natural grain and range of textures, this decking successfully captures of the look and feel of genuine wood material. Expertly engineered to prevent fading and staining, the Forest™ Series of vinyl decking will continue to look amazing as the years go by.

Besides having great visual appeal, Forest™ Series vinyl decking also features unbeatable structural strength. The Forest™ Series is solid inside and out, with its stable cellular foundation and exclusive HardCover™ exterior. Whereas wood decking and composite decking are often detrimentally impacted by various weather conditions and everyday wear and tear, vinyl decking is tenacious enough to tolerate these forces and come out unscathed. With the Forest™ Series, you also don’t have to concern yourself with slipping, splintering, or the deck surface getting hot from baking in the sun. On top of that, vinyl decking requires very little maintenance over time, and can typically be cleaned just by hosing it off with water.

When it comes to buying vinyl decking, customers trust Vinyl Craft because of our unbeatable inventory, vinyl expertise and unyielding commitment to first-rate customer service. We truly believe that when it comes to decking appearance, quality, and performance, Endeck cannot be beat. With the Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on materials, you can be confident that you’re making a wise purchase.

Our vinyl railing perfectly complements Forest™ Series decking. Take a look at the great styles and colors we have available.

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